20 Famous Movie Soundtracks To Play On The Piano

20 famous movie soundtracks
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What melody comes to your mind when you think about your favorite movie? Movie soundtracks often are the secret-sauce creating successful blockbusters. It’s the soundtrack that adds depth and emotions. That’s why movie soundtracks are super popular – especially with piano players. And one of the best ways to enjoy playing is to practice music you like and are familiar with. That is the reason why we have created a list of the top 20 movie theme songs to play on the piano.

First, we will start with songs directed towards beginning piano players and progress into more ambitious movie themes. Even if you don’t know the title from first glance you will recognize most of the movie soundtracks as soon as you hear them.

We developed OKTAV to make sure everybody has access to the songs they really want to play on their piano. There are endless reasons why OKTAV will make a difference in your life as a piano player. If you love movie soundtracks as much as we do you will be excited to learn that all of the movie themes are available – and just one click away.

1. Let It Go – Frozen

We all know the movie Frozen and it’s Grammy and Oscar winning song “Let It Go.” And here we have a great beginner version for the piano. It’s in the key of C and the left hand doesn’t move much so you can focus on the melody.

Here is the piano sheet music for Idina Menzel Frozen (Level 27/100)

2. Comptine D’un Autre Été – Amélie

One of the most famous modern piano pieces: Comptine D’un Autre Été by Yann Tiersen from the movie Amélie. The good thing is, OKTAV offers this piece in 3 different difficulty levels. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, OKTAV has the sheet music that suits your level!

Here is the piano sheet music for Comptine D’un Autre Été

3. Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (Theme)

This melody will awaken childhood memories. Released in 2002 Spirit became one of the most successful animated movies in history. The soundtrack was written by none less than Hans Zimmer himself and became an instant classic.

Here is the piano sheet music for Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (Theme) (Level 45/100)

4. He’s A Pirate – Pirates of the Caribbean

Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer wrote this for the end scene of Pirates of the Caribbean. Hans Zimmer is a name you will see often in the movie music world as he has scored over 150 films! The halting rhythm this one has is from its 3/4 time signature.

Here is the link to the piano sheet music for He’s A Pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean (Level 36/100)

5. Hedwig’s Theme – Harry Potter

This is the main theme to all the Harry Potter movies. While it is an ambitious piece it is a very pretty composition by John Williams that clearly has a magical feeling to it.

Here is the link to the piano sheet music for Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter (Level 48/100)

6. Married Life – Up

At times a sweet song with a nice 3/4 waltz feel and then it moves into more of a ballad, the song interprets life’s ups and downs wonderfully.

Here is the link to the piano sheet music for Married Life from Up (Level 55/100)

7. Bella’s Lullaby – Twilight

This is the lullaby Edwin writes for Bella in the movie Twilight. In real life Carter Burwell composed this song years before for the woman he loved.

Here is the link to the piano sheet music of Bella’s Lullaby from Twilight (Level 44/100)

8. Skyfall – James Bond 007: Skyfall

Another Academy Award Oscar winning song co-written and produced by Adele. It appears to have a lot of chord changes, but if you take it slow you will get it.

Here is the link to the piano sheet music for Adele’s song Skyfall (Level 46/100)

9. River Flows In You – Twilight

This was written by the South Korean pianist Yiruma. Besides being used in Twilight it is common to hear this tune on easy listening and adult contemporary stations. It’s definitely one of the most popular pieces among contemporary piano players.

Here is the link to the piano sheet music for Yiruma’s River Flows In You (Level 53/100)

10. Any Other Name – American Beauty

Thomas Newman’s score was nominated for the Oscar and won many other awards. He has composed music for a ton of films since the 80’s!

Here is the link to the piano sheet music of Any other Name from American Beauty ( Level 53/100)

11. Interstellar – Hans Zimmer

Once this movie was released, the soundtrack became an instant classic for piano players. The sheet music on OKTAV is available in 2 difficulty levels. Therefore even piano beginners can play our easy arrangement of Interstellar.

Here is the link to the piano sheet music of Hans Zimmer’s Interstellar (Level 41/100)

12. Circle of Life – The Lion King

Elton John composed this hit that was nominated for an Oscar. The opening line of this song is sung by South African composer Lebo M. Circle of Life for sure is among the most popular movie soundtracks of all time.

Here is the link to the piano sheet music of Elton John’s Circle of Life (Level 53/100)

13. Lord of the Rings Main Theme / In Dreams – Lord of the Rings

Howard Shore’s theme is used several times in the Lord of the Ring’s soundtrack. That mix of epic the world will end soundtrack with simple country Hobbit living melodies delivers a nice musical contrast.

Get the piano sheet music of In Dreams from Lord of the Rings (Level 55/100)

14. My Heart Will Go On – Titanic

Winner of an Oscar for best original song and Celine Dion’s best known tune. If you were alive in the late 90’s you couldn’t have missed it! Take it slow with the melody first if this song is a little hard for you.

We have the piano sheet music of Titanic’s My Heart Will Go On for you (Level 55/100)

15. Feather Theme – Forrest Gump

The movie Forrest Gump not only has a great orchestral soundtrack it also features some of the best pop tunes over the years. This piece is getting closer to the advanced songs so it may be a lot to tackle.

Play the Feather Theme on the piano (Level 50/100)

16. Imperial March – Star Wars

It’s probably safe to say we all know Darth Vader’s theme. Another composition by the great John Williams. It’s not easy to play, but familiarity will help.

To play the Imperial March from Star Wars on the piano use this sheet music (Level 50/100)

17. Pink Panther – The Pink Panther

Composed by Henry Mancini and winner of an Oscar this well-known tune is just so darn catchy. In fact it is a little ambitious to play, so start with the main riffs you know in your head and work from there.

Here you can get the piano sheet music of Henri Mancini’s Pink Panther Theme (Level 46/100)

18. Mia and Sebastian’s Theme – La La Land

This beautiful and advanced piano theme has a great mix of minor 7ths, major 7ths, and some suspended chords. It’s one of our favourites.

We have the piano sheet music from La La Land’s Mia And Sebastian’s Theme for you (Level 57/100)

19. As Time Goes By – Casablanca

This song written by Herman Hupfeld is so famous now, that you hear it at the start of most Warner Bros. movies! Here we have it in the original key that Sam sang it in: Db.

Get the piano sheet music from Casablanca’s As Time Goes By (Level 60/100)

20. Over the Rainbow – Wizard of Oz

Not only did this song win an Oscar, it is Judy Garland’s signature song. A wonderful but advanced song filled with chords like major and minor 7ths, 6ths, slash chords… it’s a doozy!

Click here to get the piano sheet music of Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Level 56/100)

And there you have the top 20 movie theme songs to play. No doubt some of them are tough, but with patience you will get there. If a song is too advanced just break the chords down, find the main riffs/themes, and slowly build up until you can bring it all together on the piano. Keep practicing and you will get it! By the way: Never forget to warm-up before practice. It will help you to make progress faster.

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