5 Easy Pop Songs For Piano

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How often do you find yourself listening to pop song and thinking: How nice it would be to play this song on the piano? Preferably an easy arrangement which doesn’t require too much effort, so you instantly have this “I can do it” moment. We’ve got you covered with five easy piano pop songs just for you. They’re fun to play, whether you’re advanced, or a beginner.

Ed Sheeran – Perfect

Ed Sheeran’s epic hit Perfect is literally perfect to get going with easy pop songs for piano. The melody is based on four harmonies that always repeat in the same order: G, E7, C, D. Because the song is written in G major, the first chord is G major. This is followed by E7, so E major with the seventh (the seventh note in the E major scale, so here a D). This pretty harmony dissolves after C major and ends with a D major chord. If you play these harmonies in this order, even if you’re just playing it in the 3-note root position, you’ll still be able to recognize the song.

Here is the sheet music to Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Idina Menzel – Let It Go

The theme song to the Disney movie Frozen is famous around the world and loved by old and young alike. Let it Go is an easy pop song for piano. Verses and the refrain each consist of only four harmonies again. The song is written in A minor, which is great, especially for beginners: No key signatures! It starts with the chords A, F, G and D. The refrain also consists of 4 harmonies: C, G, A and F. Of course, that’s just the basic structure. The composition consists of other, more complex harmonies, and these are exactly what make the song so special.

Here is the sheet music to Let It Go by Idina Menzel

Zayn – Good Years

Good Years is perfect for piano. Because the nicest part of the song is simply singing along to the melody, we have provided the notes for the accompaniment. The song is built on the four harmonies, B7, G, G5 and D. You can build on the chords in this order as much as you’d like, and then either hum or sing along, or play the melody on the piano.

Here is the sheet music to Good Years by Zayn

Rag’n Bone Man – Skin

Skin, by Rag’n Bone Man, is made for piano – at least that’s what it feels like! That’s because the melody is easy to play, but it’s sure to impress anyone listening. The chords for the left hand are not very far apart, making them easy to learn. What more can you ask for? The four base chords are: D, B, F and C. You can build these chords any way you like, and before you know it, you might even find yourself improvising a bit.

Here is the sheet music to Skin by Rag’n Bone Man

Beyoncé – Runnin’

It’s mostly the tempo of Beyoncé’s song Runnin’ that might be a bit tricky on the piano. That’s because the song is played relatively quickly, which means that your fingers, at least in the refrain, actually have to fly across the keys. But if you want to take it slower, you’ll hear how beautiful the song would be as a ballad. It starts with the harmonies A, C, G and D. Whether you want to channel your inner Beyoncé and stretch your vocal cords, just play the chords as an accompaniment, or play all the parts on the piano – it’s totally up to you.

Here is the sheet music to Runnin’ by Beyoncè

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