Lianne Steeman: “I started to compose piano music when my father fell ill”

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This young female composer and pianist from the Netherlands started to create and publish music as a way of coping with her father’s terminal illness. This turned into her personal healing journey – and more! Nowadays her passion for piano music makes her skyrocket on Instagram.

OKTAV: How did your love of music begin?

LIANNE STEEMAN: With my father, back when I was a small girl. He used to put me on his lap when he played the piano, and I loved that. My mother plays music, too – she sings and plays the piano and the guitar. At age 6 – literally as soon as I was able to cobble words together – I wrote them a little note asking “may I please have piano lessons?”

On starting with music

OKTAV: How did your style evolve in almost a quarter of a century of playing the piano?

LIANNE STEEMAN: I spent my youth playing every day, and, as I also played the violin, my days were filled with preparing for solo or orchestra recitals and concerts. After school, I started to study medicine to become a doctor, but did not finish. Instead, I kept developing my piano skills at the conservatory in Maastricht – actually, the teacher I had there still coaches me. I find it useful, for example, when I’m stuck in a piece and need a fresh pair of ears and eyes.

OKTAV: How did you start out on the violin?

LIANNE STEEMAN: My grandma used to play it, but had stopped. I kept nagging her to take her instrument down from the attic where it was gathering dust. She did, and I played her old violin for a while before I got my own.

Image of sheet music from Lianne

On early influences

OKTAV: What are your musical influences?

LIANNE STEEMAN: I played a lot of Yann Tiersen and Ludovico Einaudi. Chopin is definitely a huge influence, and probably my favorite composer. You can hear his influence on me in my composition “Wandering Thoughts“. Furthermore, Beethoven is a big influence, as you can hear in my take on “Für Elise”. I call my rendition “Pure Elise”.

On starting to compose music

OKTAV: How and when did you start to compose music?

LIANNE STEEMAN: My father became terminally ill. I wanted to celebrate what was presumably going to be his final birthday by recording an album of my own music for him, which I did. I started my Instagram account “piano passion Lianne” to share that journey. The interesting thing is, I found that even though composing started for a sad reason, in the end, much joy came from it. People I did not know discovered my profile. Other musicians did, too, and I connected with them and learned a lot from them. A fanbase grew. Other people shared their thoughts on my music. That’s very special.

OKTAV: How do you structure your day to integrate your music?

LIANNE STEEMAN: I am the mother of a little girl, so I spend every free minute on music – mostly before noon, and after my daughter goes to bed.

“I love that OKTAV is all about sheet music. I love the aesthetics of sheet music, and there’s something on OKTAV for everyone.”

Lianne Steeman

OKTAV: Could you describe the process of composing your music?

LIANNE STEEMAN: Easy. For example, I have a theme, a melody or chord progression, stuck in my mind, and then I cannot rest until I have put it on paper, for fear it might vanish. Once it is written down my head is free for new ideas. One more thing is, I like to look at my writing while I am in the process of composing, visualizing it, really thinking in notation and sheet music. I love the aesthetics of sheet music, it looks beautiful, and lets me preserve and reproduce my ideas. Reading sheet music, to me, is like reading a book.

OKTAV: What advice do you have for piano players in the OKTAV community?

LIANNE STEEMAN: Follow your heart, follow your passion! Don’t let anyone tell you not to follow your dream because you’ll come back to it anyway.

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