How this website revolutionized piano playing for 100,000 people

Stay motivated at the piano
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The truth is, too many people quit playing the piano because they don’t play music they like and lose their motivation. OKTAV solves this problem for you.

This piano platform gives you unlimited access to over 20,000 piano sheets in all genres and difficulty levels. The goal: helping you to improve your playing, build up repertoire, and make your piano practice more fun.

“OKTAV is the Spotify for Piano Sheet Music”

1. A Platform Solely for Piano Players

OKTAV Founders

OKTAV was created in 2018 by David and Toni, and today offers more than 20,000 pieces of piano sheet music from every genre and for every skill level.

With a no-hidden-cost flat rate that gives you unlimited access to as much music as you want. OKTAV lets you print your favorite scores and suggests new pieces to try, based on your preferences. 

2. More Motivation and Fun

OKTAV differs from all the sheet music services out there. It genuinely wants you to become a happier and better musician. Think of it not as your teacher, more like your companion. It will make you wanna spend more time playing the piano.

When you sign up for OKTAV, you tell them your skill level and your taste in music. Once you have set up your profile, their smart algorithms will recommend pieces for your skill level and your music preferences. From then on, your biggest problem will be that you won’t know what to play first.

OKTAV skill levels

“Just wanted to add to that: I am only a member since last night, but I am already so happy with the website. Since I stopped taking classes I’ve had a hard time finding the right sheet music and just motivating myself to play in general, but I spent all of last night playing piano for the first time in months.” – Laura (Manchester)

3. High Quality Sheet Music

OKTAV is an officially licensed partner of publishing companies like Universal Music, Faber Music, Bärenreiter, and Alfred Music – and that list is growing.

You’re either getting original arrangements, i.e., exactly the ones you would find in print, or they have their own experienced in-house arrangers, very skilled in working out arrangements that are fabulous to play. In many cases, OKTAV offer original and simplified versions.

OKTAV River Flows In You

Stay motivated with play along videos. The self-produced videos help for learning a piece faster. Also, it allows you to listen to the music up front to understand what the piece is supposed to sound like.

Logos of cooperating publishing companies

“Having access to so much music tailored to my level so I’m improving but not struggling so much that I give up lol. It’s great, two thumbs up.” – Anna-Marie (Wisconsin)

4. Skill Improvement & Method Books

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pianist, you very likely want to improve. To enable you to get better systematically, with or without the help of a teacher, OKTAV offers a collection of excellent method books tackling basic subjects, like sight-reading or finger exercises, as well as more advanced ones, like Jazz or Latin rhythm training.

5. Song Tutorials with a Teacher: The OKTAV Method

If you are a beginner and prefer to take a more structured and guided step-by-step approach where a real person explains and shows you what to practice and play every section and part of a piece, our Song Tutorials are perfect for you. You’ll find them in our Learning Section.

The OKTAV Method centers around your thorough, holistic understanding of a piece. You study your chosen song from every angle – left hand, right hand, rhythm, jumps, fingerings, music explanation, and context. Learn it, broken down into easily digestible chunks, and practice it bit by bit. It is the perfect start to your piano journey.

6. No Download – All Devices

OKTAV Sheet Music Subscription

You can use OKTAV anywhere as long as you can access the internet. What are you using OKTAV on? Your tablet? Your laptop? Your phone? Your computer? And what software are you using? Android? IOS? Something weird and nerdy? Being available in your browser is the easiest way of catering to every possible software taste out there, so no, they don’t have an app.

7. How to Use OKTAV

You have probably just subscribed to OKTAV and are looking around. It’s a bit like entering a new apartment, not quite knowing the layout yet. Let us help you explore:

The sheet music comes in various arrangements

  • Piano solo:  beautiful music at your fingertips!
  • Accompaniment: lyrics & chords
  • Leadsheets: main melody, lyrics & chords

On your screen. Use OKTAV on any tablet, reader, or device that can browse the internet. That’s why they are a web platform.

On paper. OKTAV is the only digital sheet music service that offers 24 pieces for printout a year , for absolutely no extra money. Of course, you can print your sheet music from any device – choose your next song on your phone and print directly!

Self-Upload. You already have a lot of sheet music? No problem, you can upload your own sheet music to OKTAV.

8. For Your Skill Level

All you need is a basic ability to read notes! OKTAV offers beautiful music for every skill level. You don’t have to be a virtuoso or to have started playing in kindergarten to get joy out of OKTAV.

A lot of frustration comes from trying to play music that’s too hard for you. OKTAV solved this problem for you.

When we recommend music to you, we’ll also take your playing level into account. You will receive recommendations that are perfect for your level and taste.

“I have been playing almost every day for the past week because of this site! Love the recommendations, the huge library, the skill rating system. I cannot fully say how amazing this site is!” – Janet (Preston)

Now, as is natural, you’ll evolve as a musician. You’ll play better and better. How can you make your skill level go up? Two ways: You can always adjust it manually in your settings if you feel it’s just not adequate. Or you simply choose a piece of music that’s a bit harder than your level (say, in the orange range).

9. 12 Genres to Choose From

OKTAV offers more than 12 different genres. You can play everything from Bowie to Beethoven, from John Legend to John Williams, from Ludovico Einaudi to Metallica.

OKTAV Genres
  • Classical: Well, of course. The finest of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Chopin and so many more awaits you, but also, for example, music that you can play during service.
  • Soundtracks: Yann Tiersen (“Amelie”), John Williams (“Harry Potter”) or Idina Menzel (“Frozen”) are just a few of the composers in that category.
  • Jazz & Blues: On OKTAV, you can play Jazz and Blues to your heart’s content! For example “Misty” by Erroll Garner or “Fly Me to the Moon” – the Frank Sinatra Classic?
  • Pop & Rock: What’s your taste in Rock and Pop music? Ed Sheeran or Abba, Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Joel or Elton John?
  • New Age: May Yiruma‘s River Flows In You, may you enjoy Brian Crain‘s famous arpeggios – here, you find music to nourish your soul as well as your fingers.
  • Latin: Bésame Mucho, La Cucaracha or Por Una Cabeza and many other pieces invite Latin (piano music) lovers to wield their fingers and perhaps also their hips!

Start exploring on your own, start your free trial and enjoy access to the entire sheet music library.

A Growing Piano Community

Be part of it! Start your free trial at OKTAV today and join 100,000+ piano players who love to discover sheet music.

At OKTAV, we believe in giving you everything you could want when you sit down in front of a piano – we believe in great sheet music, a fantastic browsing and music discovery experience, lots of options to organize your playing, and we believe in having fun. You, on the other hand, don’t have to believe us anything – see for yourself! Test us now with the free 7-day-trial we offer.